Today’s (Lyrical) Plus 1’s

Published August 17, 2013 by countstars1

MAN it was a rough week!  All I wanted Friday evening was to come home and curl up in the fetal position to cry myself to sleep.  Truly.  I know it’s pathetic, but I’ve learned to listen to myself, even when I sound like a child!  During one of my crying and venting rants (which came after noticing a sty on my eye…cherry on top), my DH calmly asked if I had counted my plus one’s today.  It didn’t take long to remember someone at school earlier must have noticed I was down too, because in passing they said, ‘SMILE!  Remember the power of positive thinking!.  GEEZ PEOPLE, JUST LET ME BE CRABBY!  🙂

So, I had fully submitted myself to an evening of vegging on the couch, when the plus one’s just  came to me…not like they usually do.

+1 = monkeys – the girls love them, baby ones make us laugh, and we surfed funny baby monkey videos on youtube before putting the girls to bed.  Actually, it got me thinking negatively, even though it’s ultimately a positive.  We were watching a clip of the albino gorilla, Snowflake, (no longer alive) and I just got so sad thinking about how most zoo animals know nothing but their captive life and die not knowing what their true animalistic potential was or what was on the other side of the roped ceilings and barred cages.

+1 = appleTV – we are loving this little device!  Sync it up to your phone and you can surf your phone and anything on it through your TV.  Fun for us, with our giant projector screen!  So we decided to keep the cable off and just run a slideshow of pretty pictures while listening to some relaxing tunes.  This was going to be my opportunity to curl up on my love in that fetal position and just let it all out.  But as always, the lyrics captivated me and kept the tears at bay!

+1 = Pink Floyd’s, ‘Wish You Were Here‘ – “…We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year…”  Not a sentiment I haven’t heard before, but this time I was really listening.  And I had just been thinking about those animals in the zoo’s and cages.  Essentially, their zoo’s and cages are their fish bowls.  Just like our homes, jobs, schools, neighborhoods, communities, etc. are our fish bowls.  We can all get caught up in the feeling of being trapped in our fish bowl.  Same old, same old.  Another day, another dollar.  Same people, different faces.  Blah Blah Blah, so on and so forth.  The fact is, a fish bowl really is a pretty accurate description of our lives here on this planet.  We’re all in one giant fish bowl.  Together.  The thing is, we don’t have to think of the fish bowl with negative connotations.  Those animals are all in the same ‘fish bowl’ together.  And they survive.  And they adapt.  And they form social groups.  And they have schedules.  And routines.  And caregivers.  And daily lives.  They figure out how to entertain themselves with what they have.  That is exactly what we have here as humans, too.  With lots of other added benefits, of course! 🙂

+1 = Earth’s Fish Bowl – if we’re all in this fish bowl together, let’s all BE in this fish bowl together.  Ya know?   Keep on keeping on.  Help each other.  Teach each other.  Entertain each other.  Pick fleas out of each others hair.  You know, be nice fish who tolerate each other because there really ISN’T anywhere else to go.  There really ISN’T anywhere else to be.

+1 = All of a sudden, I don’t feel trapped in my fish bowl!  GO!  NOW!! Count your plus 1’s and enjoy your/my fish bowl.


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